CrossTest has several configuration options. The configuration below shows an example configuration that can be used. The configuration should be stored in a file called XTestConfig.xml that is in the working directory of where Cucumber is running. See the schema file of the config The configuration can be splitted in multiple files

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <!-- Composite objects can be configured in the config or defined/modified via step sentences -->
        <CompositeObject name="Customer">
                <ContextTable tableName="CUST_SAT" databaseConfigName="demo"/>                      
                <KeyTable tableName="CUST_HUB" databaseConfigName="demo"/>
        <!-- The JDBC driver used should be available on the class path and is loaded at runtime -->
            password ="PASSWORD" />         
        <!-- Object template can be used to add prefix, suffix and default attributes to a database config -->      
        <!-- Object templates are hierarchical, a parent template can be defined on a template so the child template inherits all that is configured on the parent (and its ancestors) -->
        <ObjectTemplate name="demo">
                <Attribute name="CREATE_DD" value="2010-01-01" />
        <!-- The prefix is applied to the process name that is used in the step sentence -->
        <ProcessConfig name="demo" container="Demo" processServerConfigName="demo" prefix="wf_m_"/>
        <!-- The executionClass specifies the process executor, in this example our Informatica PowerCenter process executor -->
        <!-- The jar file containing the executor should be available on the classpath and is loaded at runtime -->
        <!-- The Properties collection is executor-specific, this example shows the properties needed for the PowerCenter executor -->
                    <Property name="UserName" value="USER" />
                    <Property name="Password" value="PASSWORD" />
                    <Property name="Domain" value="InfaDemo"/>
                    <Property name="Repository" value="InfaDemo-RS"/>
                    <Property name="IntegrationService" value = "InfaDemo_IS"/>